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banda sonora del videojuego god of war 2

01 Main Titles
02 The Glory of Sparta
03 The Way of the Gods
04 Colossus of Rhodes
05 The Bathhouse
06 Death of Kratos
07 The End Begins
08 Typhon Mountain
09 Waking the Sleeping Giant
10 Battle on the Skies
11 Exploring the Isle
12 The Isle of Creation
13 The Summit of Sacrifice
14 An Audience With Cronos
15 The Barbarian King Returns
16聽 Bog of Lost Souls
17 Battle in the Bog
18 Crossing the Lowlands
19 Atlas
20 Palace of the Fates
21 Phoenix Rising
22 Ashen Spire
23 Athena
24 The Battle for Olympus
25 Colossus Remix
26 Blood of Destiny
27 God-like
28 Atlas Remember (Bonus Track)
29 Kratos and Atropos (Bonus Track)
30 Pursuing Destiny (Bonus Track)
31 Theme of Fates (Bonus Track)


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