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1.Hunab K’u: ”A New Age Dawns” ~ Prologue
2.Dance of Fate
3.The Last Crusade: “A New Age Dawns” Part I
4.Solitary Ground
5.Blank Infinity
6.Force of the Shore
8.Mother of Light: ”A New Age Dawns”
9.Trois Vierges
10.Another Me “In Lack’ech”
11.Consign to Oblivion: ”A New Age Dawns”

Total playing time    52:35

The Score - An Epic Journey

Transmission Records, 2005

1. Vengeance is Mine
2. Unholy Trinity
3. The Valley
4. Caught in a Web
5. Insomnia
6. Under the Aegis
7. Trois Vierges (Solo Version)
8. Mystica    02:48
9. Valley of Sins
10. Empty Gaze
11. The Alleged Paradigm
12. Supremacy
13. Beyond the Depth
14. Epitome
15. Inevitable Embrace
16. Angel of Death
17. The Ultimate Return
18. Trois Vierges (Reprise)
19. Solitary Ground (Single Version)
20. Quietus (Score Version)

Total playing time    01:03:25

We Will Take You With Us

Transmission Records, 2004

1. Facade Of Reality
2. Sensorium
3. Illusive Consensus
4. Cry For The Moon
5. The Phantom Agony
6. Seif Al Din
7. Feint (Acoustic)
8. Run for A Fall (Acoustic)
9. Memory (Acoustic) (From the Musical “Cats”)
10. Falsches Spiel (German Version of Run For a Fall)(4:25)

Total playing time    53:46

Solitary Ground

Transmission Records, 2005

1.Solitary Ground (Piano Version)
2.Solitary Ground (Remix)
3.Mother of Light (Different Version)
4.Palladium (Previously Unreleased Track)
Total playing time    16:08

The Phantom Agony

Transmission Records, 2003

1.Adyta (The Neverending Embrace)
3.Cry For The Moon (The Embrace That Smothers - Part IV)
5.Illusive Consensus
6.Facade Of Reality (The Embrace That Smothers - Part V)
7.Run For A Fall    06:32
8.Seif Al Din (The Embrace That Smothers - Part VI)
9.The Phantom Agony
10.Triumph of Defeat (Instrumental)

Total playing time    51:48

Quietus (Silent Reverie)

Transmission Records, 2005

1.Quietus (Silent Reverie) - Single Version
2.Crystal Mountain - Previously Unreleased Orchestral Version (Death Cover Song)
3.Quietus (Silent Reverie) - Grunt Version
4.Crystal Mountain - Previously Unreleased Track (Death Cover Song)

Total playing time    17:35


Single, Transmission Records, 2004

2.Feint - Previously Unreleased Piano Version
3.Triumph Of Defeat - Previously Unreleased Instrumental Track
4.Seif Al Din

Total playing time    18:57

The Divine Conspiracy

Nuclear Blast, 2007

1. Indigo (Prologue)
2. The Obsessive Devotion
3. Menace of Vanity
4. Chasing the Dragon
5. Never Enough
6. La‘petach Chatat Rovetz (The Final Embrace)
7. Death of a Dream (The Embrace That Smothers Part VII)
8. Living a Lie (The Embrace That Smothers - Part VIII)
9. Fools of Damnation (The Embrace That Smothers - Part IX)
10. Beyond Belief
11. Safeguard to Paradise
12. Sancta Terra
13. The Divine Conspiracy

Total playing time    01:15:29

14. Higher High
15. Replica (Fear Factory Cover)
16. Safeguard to Paradise (Piano version)

Cry For The Moon

Transmission Records, 2004

1. Cry For The Moon (Previously unreleased Single Version)
2. Cry For The Moon
3. Run For A Fall (Previously unreleased Single Version)
4. Run For A Fall

Total playing time    21:17

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